WAJ Teachers Achieve National Board Certification

We are proud to announce that Mrs. Amy Moore and Mr. Michael Porter have received the honor of completing their National Board Certification.  They join Ms. Danqing Li, in achieving this prestigious accomplishment, as she previously completed hers in January 2020.   This is a highly respected certification bestowed upon teaching professionals who wish to develop and improve their practice. This rigorous certification process requires teachers to demonstrate the skills of a master teacher, including commitment to student learning, an expertise in their subject area, effective monitoring of student progress, the differentiation of instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners, and continuous self-reflection.

Mr. Porter started teaching secondary social studies at WAJ during the 2007-2008 school year, making this his 14th year of teaching. He first learned about National Board Certification from colleagues who were pursuing the certification or had already achieved it. Mike chose to pursue Board certification primarily to benefit WAJ students and the WAJ community. Research shows that students of Board-certified teachers learn more. The certification process helps teachers to improve their practice, improve their morale, and increase community involvement. Board-certified teachers are nationally recognized as experts in teaching and their discipline. 


As a social studies teacher, Mike enjoys telling the story of history and having conversations with students about relevant topics. He most enjoys the moments where, after days, weeks, or months of learning, the pieces of the social studies puzzle fall into place and students experience a moment of clarity about the world, understanding it better than they ever have before. Mr. Porter is thankful to the WAJ district and community for the opportunity to share his passion for social studies and for all of their support.  


Mrs. Moore started teaching at WAJ in the fall of 2008 and she is currently in her 13th year of teaching. Amy is sensitive to the needs of her students, recognizing that not everyone has an affinity or passion for mathematics. She likens her journey towards achieving National Board certification to the feeling some students may experience who struggle with math, as it was a leap outside of her comfort zone. Amy states, “While we sometimes shy away from these experiences because they provide temporary discomfort, if we power through and rise to the occasion, we grow and become better at what it is we are trying to do.  For my students, they learn mathematics and for me I can truly say the certification process has made me better at what I do.” 


Mrs. Moore’s passion for teaching math is evident through her tenacity to adapt her teaching style to assist students with understanding the concepts. As students continue throughout the year, observing their growth and witnessing their perseverance is most rewarding for Mrs. Moore. The certification process helped her to reflect on her craft, improve her teaching, and diversify her methods to ensure that each student has the opportunity to experience a “light bulb" moment. Mrs. Moore is incredibly grateful to work in an environment with supportive colleagues and wonderful students who will continue to benefit from her reflective best practices in teaching.    



Additionally, Mr. Jesse Berube and Mrs. Jennifer Higgins are also pursuing National Board Certification. Our school community supports and applauds these teachers as they push boundaries to further their professional and personal growth, in turn, ensuring our students benefit from educators who incorporate best teaching practices and research-based pedagogy.