School Closing Wednesday March 11, 2020



We are writing to provide information regarding the District’s efforts to keep our students and staff safe as the situation involving COVID-19 (more commonly known as the coronavirus) develops.  The New York State Education Department has provided guidance to all school districts in New York State with regard to the practices to be followed with respect to this matter.  We have carefully reviewed the Department of Education’s guidance, and we are following it closely. 


The District has received a report that a relative of one of our staff members recently began experiencing flu-like symptoms and went to the hospital to seek medical attention.  It is our understanding that testing currently is being performed on this individual.  However, the individual has not been diagnosed with COVID-19 at this time.  This individual also has not had contact with anyone at the District other than the individual’s family member, who has not reported any symptoms of illness. 


Out of an abundance of caution, we have contacted the New York Department of Health to report this situation in accordance with the guidance received from the State Education Department as discussed above.  Again, out of an abundance of caution and until we receive further information from the Department of Health, we have asked the staff member to be absent from the school.


Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation and the concerns of our families, the District has elected to close on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Parent teacher conferences have been postponed. A reschedule date will be posted in the near future. During the closure, the District will again conduct a thorough cleaning of the facility, following guidelines from the NYSDOH and NYSED.


While closure was not required by state agencies at this time, it provides all parties an opportunity to stay calm while testing results are completed and appropriate cleaning is done.


We will pass along further information once we receive it as permitted by the Department of Health.