Requirements for Participating

Eligibility: I agree to meet all eligibility requirements, honestly and accurately provide the necessary eligibility information, and work to maintain my eligibility.

a) State Eligibility Requirements For Athletes
i) Full time student: taking four (4) courses including physical education.
ii) Eligible according to the requirements of NYSPHSAA.
iii) Eligible according to the monitoring body transfer rules (new students).
iv) Meet monitoring body age requirements (maximum age of nineteen (19) years of age eligible through the end of the school year during which that age is attained).
v) Maintained amateur status: never having used athletic skills for gain, including playing, coaching, or officiating.
vi) Eligible for eight (8) consecutive semesters beginning in the semester he/she enters ninth (9th) grade (Selection/Classification athletes are eligible for up to twelve semesters beginning in seventh grade).

b)  Academic Eligibility Requirements
i) Academic performance is as important as performance in an athletic event. It is the responsibility of the student athletes to make the appropriate effort in their academic work in order to reflect their abilities, including completion of all homework, class work, and exams. All athletes must fulfill the minimum academic requirements to remain a team member. Failure to do so will result in probation, suspension, or dismissal.

c) Citizenship Eligibility Requirements
i) Because athletes represent their school on and off the field, they are expected to maintain a high behavioral standard. To be a team member is a privilege, not a right. Students may be suspended or dismissed at the coach's discretion for citizenship reasons, including disorderly conduct at athletic events or practice, profanity, promptness, truancy, insubordination, fighting, and other conduct that violates the student code of conduct applicable to all students.